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What is the process for getting a swimming pool quote from Precision Pools?

A Precision Pools consultant will arrange to meet with you to discuss your ideas and look at any plans you may have, perhaps make a visit to the proposed location or site. We can talk about lifestyle requirements, wants and needs, what you want to use the pool for and what you envisage for the finished project. We will then supply you with a written quotation comprising a base construction price for the pool and a list of additional equipment options that you can select to make owning and operating you pool simple and straight forward.

What about swimming pool designs? Do I need to have a set of pool plans already?

Having a good pool design is about creating a balance between the project looking great, and also being functional. We will assist you with ideas and advice for your swimming pool design, or we can work with an existing plan if you have already engaged an architect or landscape designer.

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?

Having a good pool design is about creating a balance between the project looking great, and also being functional. We will assist you with ideas and advice for your swimming pool design, or we can work with an existing plan if you have already engaged an architect or landscape designer.

How close can I build to a property boundary or existing building?

This differs and there is no simple answer to this. We are not allowed to excavate within the angle of repose if it will affect the support of an existing building. Angle of repose is the maximum slope or angle at which soil remains stable without falling or sliding. Depending heavily on soil conditions we can usually excavate to within a metre, and in some situations we can go right up to the boundary, but this generally involves underpinning or some other form of foundation works to protect the neighbouring property from being undermined.

Do I need a swimming pool fence around my pool or Spa?

Swimming pool and spa owners are required by law to have a pool fence or safety barrier around their pool. Government standards and regulations stipulate how the fence should be designed and constructed, and also how to maintain the fence in accordance with Australian Standards 1926.1. Pool fences must by non-climbable by young children and need to include self-latching gates.

What else should I budget for when building a pool?

Some other items you need to consider when budgeting for your pool are: Pool coping, Pool fencing Paving or decking around you pool, Licensed plumbing and electrical connections.
Landscapers, landscaping supplies and delivery of water to fill your swimming pool once completed.
These items are generally not included because they require specially licensed tradesmen.

Does Precision Pools Queensland have a showroom or display centre?

All our swimming pools are constructed on-site from reinforced concrete. Using concrete enables us to custom design each pool to the exact shape and size required, however it also means that it is not practical for us to have a display centre. We do have a product display room that includes samples of tiles, pebble interiors, pool surrounds and lights. Please see the Project Portfolio section on our website for a comprehensive showcase of our projects.

Do you offer landscaping packages as well?

We often work in conjunction with landscape designers; however the pool surrounds are generally outside our scope of works. We are happy to liaise with your chosen landscaper to ensure that the completed pool harmonises with your garden and results in an attractive and useful poolside space.

How much access is required for machinery?

Standard excavation equipment requires a minimum of 3 metres. If access is limited we can use a mini bobcat which reduces the required access to 1 metre, however this will affect the cost of the excavation and will be charged accordingly.

What are the stages involved in construction of a Precision Pools swimming pool?

Once the building permit has been issued we do a ‘set out’ – the pool is marked out on the property to show the exact location and shape. Then we begin the first construction stage where your pool is excavated and the soil removed.

The PVC plumbing pipes are positioned and carefully bonded to prevent leaks. Next, thin wooden sheets (formwork) are placed to provide a stable backboard for the concrete, and steel bars are tied together to create the framework of your pool.

A specialized crew will spray the concrete up against the steel frame and ‘cut’ it into shape. The pool will then sit as it is until the concrete has hardened to a sufficient strength. When this occurs the formwork is stripped away to reveal the finished pool shape.

More PVC pipes are run from the pool to the designated equipment location where they are connected to the filter, pump, sanitiser etc. The next stage is the pool interior – the interior is rendered and tiles are applied to the walls by skilled tradesmen.

We have now reached the final stage of construction. Once the pool fence has been approved the pool is filled with water. The pool equipment is turned on and the water is chemically balanced.

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