Enhance Your Brisbane Home with a Stunning Infinity Edge Pool

Step into the world of infinity pools with Precision Pools, where luxury meets leisure in your backyard. These pools are a visual treat, merging with the sky for an endless view. If you’re thinking about adding a touch of luxury to your home, let’s dive into what makes these pools a fantastic addition.

What’s Special About Infinity Pools?

An Infinity edge pool is designed to trick the eye into seeing the pool water spill into the horizon or blend with the surrounding landscape. This is done by lowering one edge of the pool so water flows over it into a hidden catch basin, creating a stunning effect of endless water, offering you a slice of paradise.

Building Your Infinity Edge Pool

Building an infinity pool involves carefully planning your yard’s shape and the pool’s look and ensuring the water flows right over the edge. Materials like glass tiles can add to the mystique, making the edge seem to disappear. It combines design and engineering to bring your dream pool to life.

Keeping Your Pool Perfect

Taking care of an infinity pool is key to keeping that dreamy look. Regular cleaning and checking the water balance keep it inviting. Pay attention to the overflow edge and ensure everything’s working right so your pool looks endless without never-ending fuss. With the right care and design, your infinity swimming pool will be a cherished part of your home for years.

Make it Yours

One of the best things about these pools is how you can make them your own. Want to swim under the stars? Add some lights. Looking for more relaxation? How about a spa right in the pool? With the right plants, rocks and landscaping around, your pool will become part of the landscape.

What Will it Cost?

The price tag on an infinity pool varies. It depends on how complex your design is, the layout of your yard and any extras you add in. While they are often seen as a luxury, careful planning can help manage costs, ensuring you get that stunning infinity effect without breaking the bank.

Infinity Pools

Every infinity Pool built by Precision Pools Queensland is personalised to the client’s wants, needs and requests, each infinity pool is individually and precisely designed to be unique.

Below is a list of recent and past infinity pools we are proud to have made a reality for our clients, please feel free to browse the collection and contact us about your next investment.

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